Show File Location in Search Results

Use case or problem

Easily locating where differently located files are stored (in bulk).

I’m sure there are other use cases, but this is the particular one where I noticed it would be immensely helpful.

While trying to determine the best way to organize things. I’d often quickly choose a method as a starting point from which to organically grow from. Later, as I’d realize I need to make some changes, I’d find that I need to locate where several files are so as to move them.

Proposed solution

In the search results sidebar display the files location along with all other relevant data. Ideally one wouldn’t want this cluttering up the display by always being visible, so a toggle along with the various other currently available toggles would probably be best.

Current workaround (optional)

The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to enter a search string that I know will return all (or most) of the files that I’m looking for. Now that I have the files that I need to move listed in the “search” sidebar. I open each one manually & use the “reveal in file explorer” option to find it so as to move it.

That wouldn’t be so bad if all the files I was looking for was in the same folder, but if there are many files in many locations… it’s tedious.

Related feature requests (optional)

I couldn’t find any.

A deeper solution that might also have other affordances would be to give us the right-click menu in search results. That would skip some of the steps in your workaround.

Then, hopefully, eventually, we’ll have the ability to select multiple files in the sidebar and can drag and drop from there!