Show Date in Dataview

Hi all,

I have a one note per task workflow. Tasks look like this:

TASK Number

tags: task
creation_date: 2023-03-23 20:32:24

task_link:: LINK_TO_TAKS (for convenience in dataview output)
task_description:: DESCRIPTION
task_status:: WAITING
task_priority:: MEDIUM
task_assigned_team:: TEAM_X
task_assigned_person:: PERSON_Y
task_due:: 2023-03-26

In my Daily note I’ve got a dataview query to have an overview of my todo’s:

TABLE WITHOUT ID task_description as Task, project_name as Project, task_link as L , task_priority as Priority, task_status as Status, task_due as Due
FROM "tasks"
WHERE contains(task_assigned_team, "MYSELF") AND task_status != "done"
Sort task_due Asc

The output looks like this:

How can i get the due date to be shown in my query?

What I’m trying to do

Show the inline date field in my dataview query.

Things I have tried

Serveral modifications to the query ( such as date(task_due), etc.).

Not sure if this affects the Dataview behaviour: all tasks are within one “tasks” folder and part of a DB Folder.

Your input is slightly distorted due to not using proper formatting in a forum post, so could you repost it and add four backticks, ````, on a line before and after your markdown text?

With that being said, it seems that the task_due:: 2023-02-13 syntax should work, so it’s kind of strange it doesn’t. Are you sure you’ve got the double colon (when not in the frontmatter)? If you switch to reading view in either of your task note, does it report “invalid YAML” or not?

If you insert the line below into either of your tasks, and go to either live preview or preferably reading view, then what’s the output?

My due date: `= date(this.task_due)`

Finally, could you please insert the top of either of your task notes within the four backticks, as explained above, up to and including the task_due ? Not a mocked up version, but an actual task.

Thank you holray, I just created a new post including my answers.

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