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Also discussed in thread: Improve date and time management

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I’d love for a plugin (if not core) that would maintain a “created” and “updated” fields in YAML front matter for each note, and display it available via a command (like the Joplin UI shared above).



(My first post here - using Obsidian for 2 days :heart:)

Yeah, this is functionally relevant. When I go back into a note, I need some way to understand which linked mentions, coming from daily note sources, have already been incorporated and which have not. I would start with the linked daily notes that were written after the last modified date of the note. The work around to understand this would be to constantly keep this updated in yaml. Better to just be able to access it in the menu… even the command menu/hot key would work.

Linter Plugin supports you to display created date and modified date every time you save your note (press ctrl+s)


Yes please to this!

Yea this will be very useful!

Please ! I can’t migrate from Joplin because date in YAML frontmatter is not considered

I approve

+1 please
nvalt is a good example of sorting and displaying by modification date (or creation date). Obsidian can sort by these w/File Explorer, but not display. The use case to see last mod dates in a list of files is super helpful.

+1 also want this feature

See GitHub - CattailNu/obsidian-file-info-panel-plugin: This plugin for Obsidian creates a small File Info view that displays the active file's date created, date modified, file size, and links to open the file in its native application and to open the file's folder.


thank you for mentioning Linter. having to press ctrl+s to gain the ability to have obsidian automatically update the front matter is a non-issue.

I would find it useful too!

+1! Using Obisidan as a notes-oriented client tracker makes being able to visualise modification date critical. It would be incredible if there was a way to do that.

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This can simply be achieved by using a dataview inline query:

file last modified on `$= dv.current().file.mtime`
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+101010, very strong voice from users. please do it, many thanks.

+1 Would love this feature, too.

This was implemented a long time ago. It is availably when you hover over the file in file explorer using filesystem data. For internal handling of creation and update time follow here:

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