Shortcut to add new note to a folder

Use case or problem

when a folder is selected I want a shortcut to add a new note and not have to open the context menu

Proposed solution

n or + over a folder to add new note

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

in the same spirit a ctrl x ctrl v would be great to move files or folders.
I guess it would be needed to add cut and paste in the context menu.

now I see (f) for folder would be needed too
and (f2) to rename

when dragging and drop a file on a folder, only the folder should be highlighted.
if they are many files in it and we don’t see the folder, it doesn’t matter we know that we are dragging in this folder…

I usually just create notes and worry about their location later, because I have a thought in my head and I don’t want to lose it while going through context menus. But, I would prefer if I could make the notes go into the correct folder in the first place. Your proposed feature seems like a decent solution to this problem. In fact, I can’t think of a better solution. The only downside is that I don’t see how it would work on mobile. But that could be worked out elsewhere.


a search could be added to search a file. I know there is the quick switcher, but I mean as what have been done in the outliner to find titles

it won’t. I couldn’t edit my subject to precise it.

Use Options > Hotkeys and set whatever shortcuts you want.

Already, the built-in shortcuts for adding a New Note to the selected folder are CTRL-N or CMD-N (Windows or Mac).

not the subject there.
it’s about reorganizing files in the explorer. Not opening them
but in fact your notice is legitimate. I wanted to edit again the subject but I couldn’t

Maybe rewrite the request to be more clear about your intent.

CTRL+N adds a new note. Where this note goes depends on your settings: either it can go into the vault folder, or it can go into the same folder as the current file, or it can go into a folder specified in your settings. There is no option to add a note to the “selected” folder.

Unless I’m missing something!

well reading well it’s clear enough. I told when a folder is selected.
Ok I will do a new request.

Ok I created a new topic. I hope it’s clear enough.