Shortcut and/or button to toggle readable line length

I sometimes add pages with wide tables that are best viewed with “readable line length” disabled. It would be useful if I didn’t have to go to settings to toggle it.


+1 for this :slight_smile:

+1 again. This should be easy to add, and very useful.

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yeah this would be excellent I described my need for it in this thread too

+1 for this again. Please do this.

+1 +1 much needed

+1, would love this!

+1, been wanting something like specifically for reading code snippets

+1 for this. Would be super useful to easily toggle depending on the notes.

+1 for me too!

+1 for me as well, please!

Hotkeys++ plugin has it!! GitHub - argenos/hotkeysplus-obsidian: Adds hotkeys to toggle todos, ordered/unordered lists and blockquotes in Obsidian