Shorcuts don't match in Italian Keyboard Layout!

in Italian Keyboard Layout, only few shortcuts work! like ctrl+S for saving the document. Ctrl+B for bold text etc. but for all the rest it doen’t match with this shortcuts list (for ex. Indent and Unindent, I have to do ctrl + ì and ctrl + ’ )(and even with Comman palette): Keyboard shortcuts | Obsidian Help (
I have to (literally) try different key combinations to figure out the corrispondent shorcut in italian Keyboard.

So can you fix that and let shortcuts be the same for any layout?!
If not, is there a method to set up Obsidian shorcuts manually?

Most keystrokes can be set up under: Settings > Hotkeys


Thank you!!!
It helped! but I see that not all commands are there, like for indent and unindent. but it is okay! I will remember their shortcuts.

If you have Dataview installed, you can use my Obsidian Command and Hotkey List to show what’s there and which keys are defined how.

Let me know if this shows the correct thing for Italian!

I am not sure I understand this or be able to reproduce this. Which built-in shortcut doesn’t work in the help vault?

Let me explain better:
Keyboard shortcuts | Obsidian Help (
On this link there are listed some default shortcuts for Obsidian! many of them are “Blank” which means there are no assigned shorcuts for them by default, but I can assign them to manually as @anon12638239 said above! (in Settings → Hotkeys)
The problem is that when I try to reproduce them on my Italian Layout Keyboard, some of them work, such as ctrl + S (for saving), ctrl + B (for typing bold) etc. but for others such as Navigate Back and Navigate Forward: the default hotkeys are Ctrl+Alt+ ← (or ->). When I reproduce it, it change my screen orientation in vertical on Windows.
That shows it can’t be done on Italian Keyboard because there is conflict.
on Windows, each Layout has it’s own list of hotkeys and developers take this into consideration (like Adobe, Microsoft Office etc.) so they try to match hotkeys for all languages but that is not the case on Obsidian I guess.
in Settings → Hotkeys, the list doesn’t even show all available hotkeys such as: to create Indent/unindent text, or to Select current paragraph (it shows, delete current paragraph: ctrl + D) but not for selecting either! (for that I have to do triple click with mouse) to zoom in or zoom out! (not listed).

What I had to do is simply try (by luck) and I figured out that in Italian keyboard:
zoom in: ctrl+ ]
zoom out: ctrl + -
Indent: ctrl + ì
unindent: ctrl + ?

In Settings–> Hotkeys, I can change some hotkeys, but others like zoom in/out, indent/unindent etc. I just can’t because… they are not listed there.

Hope you got the point!

It seems to be really interesting!
But I don’t know how to install Dataview (I am not familiar with those things, sorry Sir :sweat_smile: ). I downloaded the Zip file from here GitHub - blacksmithgu/obsidian-dataview: A complex query language implementation for the Obsidian note-taking tool. ; but it doesn’t have any .exe file, so what should I do next in order to install Dataview and integrate it with Obsidian? (should I simply copy those files in a new folder in my Obsidian vault?).

And, if I am not wrong, once Dataview is installed, to try the tip that you suggested me I’d simply add your code block from your link on any page, right?

(Another sub-question, not related with Hotkeys issue:
Thanks to you I’ve just discovered Dataview plugin, and from this page Introduction | Dataview ( I understood that it basically collects data from your vault in one page. in that sense, can it work as an “Automation tool”? to:

Collect/list (maybe in a table, but not necessarly) all the text blocks with a specific chosen tag? (not as a link for that text block or a preview of it, but the rich text itself, as if those text blocks were copied).
What I am trying to achieve is simply to create a new page for each tag (ex. # important), and ask to Extract/copy on my page all the textblocks that contains this # important tag).

The nearest thing to this that I found is :
‘’’ Query
(my tag)
it works, but it doesn’t extract or copy the text blocks themselves, but it gives a preview window of them, so read and then copy all that text block I have to click on its preview window and it directs me to its position, it is a link basically.).

is there any solution for that?

I am going to move this topic because it has gone off topic. I suggest you open new help requests in the #help section if you need.

Regarding the bug report: is not part of the official documentation.
If you go in the help vault, see the hotkleys settings>hotkeys and one of those hotkey do not work, open a new bug report.