Share the graph view and notes as HTML page for free with obsidian2cosma


First of all, I suggest you support the Obsidian developers if their product works for you. I did this myself when the great Canvas feature has been released. Obsidian Publish offers a paid way to share your notes online with the nice graph view feature. However if you are looking for an alternative way to publish, several solutions exist.

Obsidian Publish alternatives

The latter not only allows you to share a sub-collection of your notes, but also the corresponding graph, unlike most of the other alternatives.


Cosma is an open source app which can generate such a graph view, from a directory of text files written in Markdown, in a single HTML file called the cosmoscope. It offers a simple way to explore, visualize and share your knowledge graph with others. Software comes and goes, but data should last. Plain text are future-proof, hence the importance of not making your notes too dependent on a particular software syntax and of being able to migrate them easily.

  • Cosma uses the same syntax as Zettlr, another great editor geared towards academic work, whose [[internal links]] relies on unique identifiers [[id]], in the spirit of the Zettelkasten method.
  • Obsidian is different, as it uses the [[filename]] to link note files, which in my opinion is more restrictive in terms of interoperability.

There are at least two good reasons to convert a collection of Markdown files written in Obsidian to make it compatible with Cosma:

  • To ensure that your notes will still be readable and editable by other software such as Zettlr (for interoperability and future-proof)
  • To be able to export and share all or part of your knowledge graph with Cosma, in the form of a single HTML page, simultaneously displaying the notes on the one hand and the graph view on the other.

Example: export notes and graph view from the LYT Kit

Let’s consider a famous example of Obsidian vault called LYT-Kit.

Run my python script on this vault, you will obtain this interactive page cosmoscope.html displaying notes and graph view that you can easily share and upload on your website.

This script also allows you to:


That’s a great tool! I forked this repository and make it easy for users of Windows and people from another country. See uuanqin/obsidian2cosma. Again, I appreciate you sharing this great tool with us.

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