Share Note plugin 🚀 - share individual notes with full support for themes, images, Dataview, callouts, and more

There is no 0.7.0 release - the latest release is 0.6.0:

I’m not sure why Obsidian is showing a 0.7.0, I will investigate. Thanks!

@rrjr24 I have released 0.6.1 to override the non-existent 0.7.0 version.

I can confirm it installs correctly for me from the plugin store.

Awesome - worked preftectly now - thanks for the quick fix!

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v0.7.0 released

Install from the plugin store

Release Notes

:rocket: New features

  • Expiring / Self-deleting notes! If you specify an expiry time, your shared note will automatically delete itself after the time is up. Great for sharing temporary or sensitive content. You can specify any length of time - e.g. 3 months, 4 days, 1 minute. (See documentation)
  • Manually delete shared notes: You can now delete a shared note at any time from the Command Palette or the icon bar.
  • Quick action icons: Easily re-share, copy the link, or delete a note from the handy icons next to the share link. This is especially useful on mobile.


:bulb: If you have any feature requests / suggestions, please add them on the Roadmap.


  • Various improvements and bug fixes.

Is there a way to automatically re-upload pages? Thank you.

There isn’t a way for that to happen automatically, but you can set a hotkey to the publish command - for example every time you press Ctrl+S it could share the note.

I think having it automatically share data without manual interaction would be a significant risk to the user, and not likely to be implemented.

I understand. Thanks a lot.

I may be dumb but there is something I don’t understand with this plugin : the link opens the shared note on chrome, but how can I download the .md file to open it in obsidian ?


It’s for sharing a web copy of a note, which anyone can open without needing Obsidian.

If you want to share your original .md file, just send that to someone - you don’t need a plugin for that.

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I just added a feature request on the github (see Support for Backlinks · alangrainger/share-note · Discussion #51 · GitHub), asking for support of backlinks’ links. Kind of critical for building networked documents without relying totally on explicit backlinks.

I am using this plugin on my Ubuntu machine. There, I am experiencing issues when trying to share a note with images. When there are no images in my notes it works. However when I try sharing notes with images on my Windows PC, it works like a charm. Is there a fix?

Got this error Message:

This was the Error in the Debug Console:

I think the first “/” at the beginning is missing, but i don’t know how to add it

I’m using the “Share Note” plugin which works brilliantly and would like to self-host.

I’ve found the reference implementation, but I’m looking for a complete upload.php that I can put on the server. Does anyone have one they can share?


This is working beautifully, but when I try to share more than one note, then only the last note will work and the others show a 404 not found. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

I can’t think of any reason that should be. Certainly I don’t get the same behaviour when I test at this end.

Can you test in the Sandbox vault? If you’re using the Linter plugin for example it might be modifying the links every time the note is saved.