Share my main vault

im struggling about the idea of sharing my main vault but also im gonna use para and zettelkasten but some parts are private and public i was thinking about the idea of have two folders in resources one public and private for example if an image its private have it in private folder but if a note it’s using a zettel and i would like to share the vault with to use it should i do it with tag private or public?

Personally, a while ago I made the decision to split a Single Vault into two: A “Knowledge” vault (Public), and a “Personal” vault (Private).

My vault is public, but my private data is mostly located in two folders: Journal and Private. These folders are excluded from sharing.

There are some pages I don’t share and then I use publish: false as meta-data.

Nobody knows how much of your vault you share, just make sure there are not too many dead links.

Personally I dislike having multiple vaults, switching between them is annoying and stuff is always in “the other” vault (I used to have more then one vault). Now I have one real vault, and one TTRPG vault. These two worlds never meet, so in this case having more than one vault is ok.

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