Setting Up iOS App with iCould

Things I have tried

I searched for “iCloud disabled” in the forum

I deleted my previous Obsidian files from iCloud

I deleted the Obsidian app and re-downloaded from the App Store

What I’m trying to do

I recently got a new iPhone (upgraded from XR to 13) and linked the phones so I would have the same apps and everything on my new phone. When I open the Obsidian app now, I have lost the access to my iCloud Obsidian files, and there is an error message stating “You cannot access or create vaults in iCloud because it’s disabled for Obsidian”. In the iCloud settings, I have the Obsidian access switched on. I had the app working fine with my previous phone - not sure what’s happened with the switch.

I tried deleting the Obsidian app and re-downloading from the App Store, with no success. I also tried deleting my Obsidian files from my iCloud drive on my laptop, but that hasn’t worked either. (For the record, I have my Obsidian desktop app saving locally, and I was using a copied version through iCloud; not sure that is the best way to save everything - I just don’t quite trust iCloud to not delete my files).

I recognize this is likely more of an iCloud issue than an Obsidian issue, but came here first as I thought someone might have a solution. I am not the most tech-savvy person, so the solution may be far more straightforward than I think it is! Any help is greatly appreciated.

I actually searched Bing for your exact quote of the error message (probably searching the forum would have gotten the same result) and found this answer (hopefully it still works!):

“That error message only shows up when your iOS device has blocked Obsidian from using iCloud. You can change the setting from iOS’s system settings app > Your Apple ID > iCloud > Make sure that “iCloud Drive” and “Obsidian” are both turned on.”

from iCloud disabled for Obsidian? - Bug graveyard - Obsidian Forum

(Note, a different reply is marked in that thread as the solution but the quote above seems to be the actual solution.)

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