Setting options for embedded search queries

EDIT: The feature is there! GitHub - nothingislost/obsidian-query-control: An experimental Obsidian plugin that adds controls to embedded queries

I often include an embedded search in lines, like this:

` ` `query
Firstname Lastname
` ` `

Recently the results show up in Live Preview and Reading view with a set of icons, with options for collapsing, sorting, etc. This is REALLY cool.

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 16.57.43

But is there any way to include in the query codeblock settings such as “collapse: closed” (as with callout blocks)? If not, this is a feature request!

Have you tried searching first?
If it’s a question why not posting in help first?

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Thanks so much! I’d spent a half-hour searching and reading documentation, and couldn’t find it. It might be good to include (link to) some info about this option in the help entry about Search.

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