Set up the zotero obsidian integration and writing the code!

I’m a newbie to obsidian and don’t have any coding skills at all. I’ve been trying to learn using YouTube videos but it’s been a rough journey :frowning: I’m trying to set up the obsidian zotero integration, and have tried out different templates. however, it ends up working for a bit, but then the plug in gets stuck at “Fetching Data from Zotero” and doesn’t load from that. I’ve looked up this question online and folks recommended downgrading the bibtext plug-in for an older version, which I tried and it started working for a bit , but we’re back to square 1.

So basically, I’m looking to see if someone can help me with setting up zotero and helping me catch where I’m messing up that’s continuously creating this issue of zotero integration plug-in loading and not moving forth. Secondly, I’m hoping to see if someone can help me write a code for the template to extract annotations. I’ve tried the different templates online but they aren’t working for me, or end up producing a blank notes document! Please help!! I’m willing to pay someone too to sit down over zoom and show me how things work and who can also help me code a template based on what I want.

thank you!

Hopefully someone can respond here, but I would also try the #academic-tools channel of Obsidian’s Discord server. Many of the Zotero and Obsidian pros hang out there.

I got tired of trying to make all the different suggestions work and instead I do this, which in the end is much more functional for me (I apologize I don’t have screen shots, I’m on the wrong device). This is a modification of / augment to some techniques from YouTuber “morganeua”

  • Highlight & annotate the item in Zotero
  • Follow steps to “Add Notes from Annotations”, described [here](,the%20PDF%20at%20this%20time), though there are other ways of doing it.
  • At the top of the note that it creates, I also paste the citation formatted for both footnotes and bibliography, and click “add citation” for it to put (Author, Date) in at the top of the note.
  • Select All, Copy, and then paste into obsidian.

For what it’s worth … Then I create a note in Obsidian titled (Author, Date), paste in everything from Zotero, and then go through and make links to key concepts. Because one way I use Obsidian is to have “concept cards” which are essentially empty, but show all the sources for that concept in the backlinks.

Try this post Zotero Integration

If you haven’t, try updating Zotero Integration and Better Bibtex to their latest version and see if that helps.

As for the template, share it here (formatted as a code block), so we can take a look at your issues.

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