Separate Obsidian Sync app

Use case or problem

I have Obsidian on 2 desktops, one laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone.
For various reasons, I prefer to keep obsidian running on only the device I’m using at the time.
Obsidian can be slow to sync on startup.
Also, sometimes, if there were changes to plugins between uses of Obsidian on a given device, I find it best to start Ob, let it sync fully, then shut it down and restart it.

Proposed solution

Create a separate app from Obsidian itself, that keeps the local copies of files synced.
I should think that this would significantly speed up start time of Ob itself.
On mobile, the sync app could have various options for how often to check for syncing designed to trade-off battery use with currency of local files.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

None that I’m aware of.

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