Separate Embed Backlinks from Reference Backlinks

There are two versions of this feature request.

Version 1: clean up the mess

Use case or problem

I use [[internal-links]] quite liberally throughout my vault (as I’m sure most users do) but I use ![[embeds]] much more sparingly and intentionally. Quite often, the back-link section is a real mess, and it’s hard to see which backlinks are actually relevant to my current thought-process, and which one are only sorta-kinda-maybe relevant.

Proposed solution

I believe it would help me sort through the mess if there were two separate backlink sections: one for mere [[references]] and one for ![[embeds]].

Version 2: workflow involving “embed parents”

Workflow Description

Think of an outliner (like Workflowy) but each bullet point is an Obsidian note, and each nested/tabbed bullet is a note embedded in a note. I don’t believe that any note-taking app is currently built for this kind of workflow (though RemNote and Bytebase get close), but I think Obsidian can be made to do it.

Because outliners are great for quickly creating and manipulating basic structure, but each bullet can only be nested under one other bullet (block references and the like notwithstanding) whereas embedded notes can be embedded in multiple other notes simultaneously.

How the proposed solution helps

  • to quickly see the “embed parents” of any given note, to get the structure in your head.

Current workaround

  • taking the time to look through the long list of backlinks, potentially losing the flow
  • create a query with ![[filename]] manually for each file (takes up time and space in the note)

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