Anti-Embeds/Reverse Transclusion — syntax to automatically append an embed of (part of) current note to another note


Potential Workflow description (context for this desire)

Separate Embed Backlinks from Reference Backlinks

Workflow Description

Think of an outliner (like Workflowy) but each bullet point is an Obsidian note, and each nested/tabbed bullet is a note embedded in a note. I don’t believe that any note-taking app is currently built for this kind of workflow (though RemNote and Bytebase get close), but I think Obsidian can be made to do it.

Because outliners are great for quickly creating and manipulating basic structure, but each bullet can only be nested under one other bullet (block references and the like notwithstanding) whereas embedded notes can be embedded in multiple other notes simultaneously.

What is an anti-embed?

Links are to back-links as embeds are to anti-embeds. Except I want them to be directly editable from both notes.

How this might work

Suppose I am writing about Funny Cat Videos in my daily note when I suddenly realize that the section I’m working on is actually a sub-topic of my previously created note. I could copy-paste the material over there, but I would like a record of the fact that these particular thoughts on funny cat videos came from today’s daily note, so I change the section heading to:

## Funny Cat Videos #[[Cats]]

Then a plugin automatically recognizes the syntax of #[[title]] and creates the corresponding ![[2021-09-21#Funny Cat Videos]] and appends it to the end of

Then I realize that this section is also quite relevant to my Funny note, so I add it there too in the same way, changing the heading to:

## Funny Cat Videos #[[Cats]] #[[Funny Videos]]

or even:
## #[[Funny Videos]] about #[[Cats]]

All without leaving my current note.

This could also be usefully combined with the Note Refactor plugin to also make each section it’s own note, for those who like atomic notes.