Sending links to Obsidian from other devices

I’m fairly new to Obsidian, very much like what I see so far and I’m trying to figure out how it fits my workflows.

Typically, I do significant part of initial research on some topic on an iPad. If I find something which is worthwhile to dig into in more depth, I usually share the URL to my (work)laptop via Pushbullet or available Send To Hooks (mostly Notion lately, sometimes Pocket). While I’m tablet surfing, the laptop is obviously not necessarily on.

I wonder if anyone has any ideas how to optimize that handover/transfer with Obsidian?

Of course manual copy&paste always works, but you have to remember that the next morning. With the notion setup, I can be sure, that there is actually a “record” of what I had stumbled across days ago.

I’m also open to implement something on my own, IFTTT, Zapier, etc. or even more basic, but it seems the Obsidian API isn’t yet open and may not have the required functions…

Your Obsidian vault is in a cloud service folder such as iCloud or Dropbox?

In this case you could just use a ShortCut automation to append the url to the current daily note.

Your Obsidian vault is in a cloud service folder such as iCloud or Dropbox?

not yet - but this suggestion triggers some thoughts…

You could also try to put a soft link to your daily notes folder in the ShortCuts iCloud, if you don’t want to put there all your vault (to be honest I don’t know how/if iCloud handles soft links, though).

Not familiar with iCloud… What your suggestion triggered though was this:

Run a small telegram bot on an always on box which has access to whatever cloud share I’ll eventually put my vault on. That bot then will just append whatever I send it to into a daily note. I just need to figure out the security aspects of such a bot (but that’s off-topic here)

Meanwhile I’ve succeeded in setting up a Python Telegram Bot to do the job. On receipt of a message, it downloads a pre-defined note from Nextcloud, appends the text and uploads it again. So far so good :slight_smile:


How to get this bot?
I really think I need a telegram bot to send my link across into vault.

Sorry, missed that question: Here you go

In theory you’ll just need to modify the params in lines 22-27 and you should be good to go… I run this script on a Synology Diskstation which also hosts the Nextcloud Instance for my Obsidian vault.

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Assuming it was meant for my question, how to use it if I don’t use nextcloud? Can this be worked out with git synced vault?

You didn’t mention git in your question :wink: Yes, you could swap out the NC specific code and replace it with a git client implementation, i.e. pull latest, append to the file and then commit/push. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Any idea how this might look like if using Obsidian Sync instead of NC?

Not really since I don’t use Sync (yet).

Basically, if you have an always-on/server/computer which can run a Telegram bot and which has access to a filesystem which holds (a copy of) your vault, Sync should pick up changes to the vault “from outside” (i.e. the Telegram bot in this case), too.

After all, that’s one of the main advantages of the Obsidion philosophy as I understand it, only rely on Markdown files in a folder structure…

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