Select text + shortcut to mark backlink

select " Obsidian " text , and " Shift A" to mark [[Obsidian]] backlink.

You can do this now:
Select text, type [[ and it will be turned into a back link


Nice. ! Why I didn’t see this trick in help vault. :sweat_smile:

but there’s a little issue.
"[[ " is hit by the right hand keyboard.
Shift A is hit by left hand.

the right hand usually control mouse.

I didn’t get you.

When I select a text, and press Shift+A, the text gets replaced by β€œA”
When I select text and press '[[ ’ it turns into a link ! , and not a backlink, (If I understand that correctly)

He suggest to use Shift+A instead of β€˜[[’.
Currently there is no β€˜Shift+A’ function available.

@Steve_yang usually I use another software(such as Autohotkey) to solve all this kind of β€˜issues’.


Thank you!

Only if you type with one hand on the keyboard. Still, I get why this doesn’t fit everyone’s way of work and I guess having a way to change this hot key would be better.

When we select text ,usually use Mouse, how to use keyboard select text ? right ? that’s a habit .
and when we change highligh something ,we usually use shortcut. . but I think just type β€œ[[” ,it’s also shortcut.

I mean β€œ[[” is okay. not big issue. but if have shorcut like β€œshift + A” will be nice !

Thank you again tell me this trick.

Here is another trick: press Shift and while holding it press the arrow keys in the direction you want to select text. Play with Shift+Ctrl + arrows and Shift+Alt+ arrows combinations for different types of selections.

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Very nice trick. !!!

Thank you so much !!!

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I use AutoHotkey to produce β€œ[[” by single left-hand keypress. I write numbers by different method so I do not miss previous functionality.

Virtual key code on the left. 
Output on the right. 
╔════╗ ╔════╦════╦════╦════╗ 
β•‘1B  β•‘ β•‘70  β•‘71  β•‘72  β•‘73  β•‘ 
β•‘C0  `β•‘31 [[β•‘32  2β•‘33  3β•‘34  
β•‘09   Tabβ•‘51  qβ•‘57  wβ•‘45  eβ•‘5
β•‘14 CapsLkβ•‘41  aβ•‘53  sβ•‘44  dβ•‘

However it produces β€œ[[” regardless of (not)having selected text.
I do not know if VIM mode takes into account if text is selected or not.

Here is AutoHotkey code:

#IfWinActive ahk_exe Obsidian.exe
vk31:: ; !/1 hotkey
  Send, {[ 2} 
    ; Double opening square bracket by left hand while right hand controls cursor. 
    ; useful for linking in Obsidian. 
    ; purpose: right hand selects text, left hand presses the key, Obsidian encloses selected text in square brackets. 
#IfWinActive ; end restriction to ahk_exe Obsidian.exe

Proposed solution:

It would certainly be better to have native Obsidian customizable hotkey that would take into account if text is selected or not.
Now there is hotkey β€œInsert link” (default Ctrl+K) which produces markdown-style link and adjusts behavior depending on existence of text selection.
There could be similar version for creation of wikilinks.

Related feature requests:

It would be more efficient with:

@Steve_yang By the way, the title of this request is misleading. I would suggest to change it e.g. to β€œSelect text + customizable hotkey to create wikilink”.
Similarly in body of original post, replace β€œbacklink” β†’ β€œlink” since this request is obviously only about forward links, not backlinks.

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