Select Multiple Notes in Files Tab

Deleting or Moving Notes

Sometimes I want to move multiple notes from one folder to another, or sometimes I want to delete multiple notes. As it is, I have to select each note and move it or delete it, one at a time. This is really slow and inefficient, and therefore obviously not ideal.

Select Multiple Notes

What I would like is the ability to select multiple notes at a time so I can right-click and delete all of them at once, or move them all together to the same place. Most applications use Ctrl+Shift+LMB to select multiple notes, so that seems logical to me and is what I would use as the hotkey for this. (Of course, it could have a customizable hotkey like most everything else in Obsidian at the moment.)

This is possible already, at least on a Mac.

What OS are you using and what version of Obsidian?


I’m using Windows (today) and it works. The context menu is narrowed to only “Move to…” and “delete”, but that’s fine.

Shift + click selects a group. Alt + click selects the ones you click on. Then right click on one of the selected for the context menu. :v:



Now on a Mac:

  • SHIFT CLICK to select contiguous files
  • OPT CLICK / ALT CLICK to select non-contiguous files
  • Drag and drop works as an alternative to the right-click menu

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