Seeking an Alternative to Obsidian Publish for Sharing Vaults

I’m looking for an alternative to Obsidian’s “publish” service, which currently lacks several key features I need. Specifically, I require a solution that can:

  • Share specific vaults or folders from a vault to a website
  • Upload and offer linked files (of any extension) for download on the published site
  • Provide comprehensive user management (including full user details, user expiration, and link sharing), unlike the basic password solution offered by Obsidian

I’m not looking for a free solution that requires extensive setup, as I don’t have the time for trial and error. Instead, I’m seeking a commercial solution that can support my work efficiently. And easy to use.

The website is intended for students of online courses, where I can publish my materials and files.

It’s unfortunate that Obsidian Publish is so limited. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I am currently subscribed to an annual service plan. However, I regret to say that I also require a more powerful alternative solution, such as user management and specific page access permissions.

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I share your frustration with the limitations of Obsidian Publish. It’s disappointing that essential features like advanced user management and the ability to publish various file types are missing.

As a business user, I need a solution that allows seamless syncing, publishing, and collaboration within one environment. That’s why I invested in a business license and am willing to pay more for a comprehensive service.

To truly meet the needs of business users, Obsidian must enhance its publishing capabilities, including better export options, sharing, and team collaboration features. The current stance of avoiding support for additional file types and robust user management is a significant drawback.

For a paid service, the responsibility lies with the user, and proper measures can be in place to manage risks. It’s crucial to enable the publishing of complete vaults professionally.
Hi Dev team, is there any chance these changes can be prioritized? Many of us are ready to invest more for a superior publishing solution.

I just added a feature request, hopefully that will get some views and reactions: