Enhanced Obsidian Publish Capabilities

I am a business user who requires a comprehensive solution for syncing, publishing, and collaborating on my Obsidian vaults. The current limitations of Obsidian Publish, particularly the inability to publish a wide range of file types and the lack of advanced user management features, hinder my ability to effectively use the platform for professional purposes. Specifically, I need to:

  • Publish the full vault regardless of content and file types.
  • Manage user access with detailed controls, including expiration dates for users and shared links.

Proposed solution

  1. Open Publish to All File Types:
  • Allow publishing of the entire vault, independent of the content and file types.
  • Remove existing limitations to support a broader range of file extensions.
  1. Professional User Management and Sharing Options:
  • Implement advanced user management features, such as:
    • Detailed user information and access control.
    • Expiration dates for users and shared links.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, there are no effective workarounds that meet the needs of publishing a complete vault with diverse file types and managing user access comprehensively. Using multiple tools and services to achieve these goals is cumbersome and inefficient.

Related feature requests (optional)

I have searched the forum and found no existing feature requests that comprehensively address these needs. If there are any related feature requests, please feel free to link them for better visibility and support.