See current assigned Keys?

Is there a way to see all mapped keys, including from Hotkeys?

I want to add keys for Today, prev dialy note, next daily note so I can cycle through daily notes easily. Am also considering a hot key for Toggle star on and off. But I don’t want to replace any existing keys.

More broadly, if people have recommendations on actively used hotkey assignments, I am always up for ideas!

There’s a hotkey section in settings. Obsidian will tell you if there’s a conflict where one hotkey is programmed to two or more commands. Here’s a link to a post regarding common hotkey assignments:

You might also benefit from the Hotkey Helper plugin. Keep in mind that there are inherent security risks that come with using third-party plugins.

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Second the recommendation for the Hotkey Helper plugin, simple but very effective.

Thanks, I appreciate that link. I had some of Nick’s commands mapped already.

What is Hotkey Helper vs. Hotkeys++ ?


Hotkeys++ gives you a few extra hotkeys and Hotkey Helper helps you manage your hotkeys. You can read more about them in their respective GitHub READMEs.

Hotkey Helper:

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