Searching backwards within a note

Use case or problem

I would like the ability to search backwards within a note, I currently can search for a term within a note with cmd+ f and go through the terms with Enter, but I cannot go backwards with Shift + Enter. Still, there are keybinds set for prev/next which are Shift+F3/F3, but I can’t find those keybinds in the hotkeys section. Tested on Mac and Windows.

Proposed solution

Allow us to search backwards using Shift+Enter. This is standard for almost all text based apps.

Current workaround (optional)

Using the defined keys for prev/next, Shift+F3 / F3

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Dup of Customizeable hotkey for "Find previous"


Shift+Cmd+G: On Mac, shortcuts for "Next/Previous Search Result" should follow the Apple Interface Guidelines (Cmd + G)

Or use BetterTouchTool: Customizeable hotkey for "Find previous" - #2 by obsequious