Search results: highlight the note currently focused


Contrary to the File explorer, in the Search results view, the note currently focused is not highlighted in anyway.

I may have miss something but I do not see a specific CSS class in the dev tools, so I guess I cannot workaround this by using a custom CSS.

My use case was the following. I was reviewing notes matching a specific tag to ensure they were formatted the same way. Because I used the Zettelkasten plugin to generate these notes they all have similar names. At one point I forgot where I stopped on the list and there was no easy way to get this information. I had to go through the results again until I found the file where I left off. It is just a small annoyance, nothing critical.


Have a similar requirement as @baslas described above. :+1:
There would be a big advantage if the file that is selected in the “Search” view would also be selected in the “File Explorer” when you switch the views.
From within the Search view it is not possible to figure out where you are at the moment you pick a result.

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This is a great feature request. When I switch between the search results and file lists, or even when switching between side panels, I always lose my position.

This breaks the flow and thought process, because now I got to go through the search results to find where I was in my processing.

Please add something like a simple highlight as we currently already got in the File Explorer window. :slight_smile:


This would be a great feature.

However, is there a CSS workaround to this in the meanwhile?

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Unfortunately not as far as I can tell (on Obisidian 0.9.22).

All the search results use the same CSS classes, and the currently active one doesn’t have a special one attached to distinguish it from others.

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Bump. I think this is a very tablestakes and perhaps easy feature to implement.

When I search for a note and open it, I’d like to see which folder it’s in and what is around it, as I frequently want to add something close to it.


Yeah, great point! Totally support the idea to highlight the search result.