Search operators

I noticed that a recent insider build added a search operator “content:”

I was wondering if someone could create a quick list of all available search operators?

For instance, I don’t even know how to search with OR instead of AND for two keywords.

Thanks in advance all :slight_smile:

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Good call. I haven’t seen a full definitive list. If the help vault has been updated, I’m still on an old one. This is everything I could find. Does anyone know any others?

Edit, All of them work for me, except I can’t seem to get the file: operator to work for me. Anyone else?

  • file: will perform the following subquery on the file name. For example: file:".jpg".
  • path: will perform the following subquery on the file path, absolute from the root. For example: path:Resources Apples will only search for Apples within a folder called Resources .
  • content: will search the content of the file only.

  • match-case: and ignore-case: will override the case sensitive match logic for the following subquery.
  • "Quoted strings" can be used to perform full word match. "test" will not match the word testing . Use backslash \" to escape double quotes and \\ to escape backslash.

AND is not a boolean operator. Adding a space between search terms already acts as AND.

  • Regular expressions (regex) can now be used in search. Use forward slash to denote a regular expression. For example: /[a-z]{3}/ .
  • Boolean operations can now be used. Use OR to match one or another. Use - to negate a query. The space character is used for boolean “and”.
  • Parenthesis can be used to group boolean operations. For example (a OR b) (c OR d) .
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I’ll look into getting a note added to the help vault.

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There is a tag: operator in an upcoming release

My mistake, there is a note in the help vault about search syntax -> Plugins/Search


This is so helpful - thank you

I missed that page - thank you Sam!

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Haha, I missed it too!!

Me too… the thing is… how is that Search is a plugin? It’s counter intuitive.

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I cannot make this work as an AND operator. If I leave a space , like “Haya Stewart” (no quotes obviously), I still get notes with Haya OR Stewart

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Same here :-(.

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