Search on Tag suggestions: how to make broader?

Qualifier: I created this problem a bit myself, but outside of that, this looks like something that should be possible.

When I search for a tag, using ‘tag:’ I can get a nice list of possibilities. However, if you continue to type, the results are restricted to an exact match, starting at the beginning of my text. Thus, say, if I have the word ‘screws’ lower in a hierarchy starting with ´woodworking´ I will not see that as a suggestion. In my specific case, I use ions at the start of my tag names, so I get no results, unless I make an effort to paste in the icon first…

Is there any way around this using the built-in Obsidian search plug-in?
Or would it be reasonable to suggest this as an improvement… the general search does seem to look for characters anywhere in a string…


We kind of touched in on a similar case yesterday in another channel, see link below:

In essence, is you use line: (tag /\/screws/) you would search for lines with tags that start with screws after the forward slash.

Not sure if you can use this for an incremental search, though…

This feature is strangely missing (or broken). There is a feature request (you can upvote it by pressing the heart or commenting with new info).

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