Scrolling hangs, lags, stutters and jumps in editor view

Steps to reproduce

  • Open any file
  • Make sure editor view is selected
  • Use the trackpad or mouse to scroll

Expected result

Scrolling in editor view should be as smooth as in preview view.

Actual result

  • Scrolling lags, hangs and jumps
  • Addtionally, scrolling jumps when scrolling “out of the top or bottom of the page”

In the following gif, I was only scrolling down!


  • Operating system: MacOS 10.15.5
  • Obsidian version: Obsidian 0.6.5
  • Using custom CSS: No

Same as this maybe?

Part of Known issues (Fixed in 0.6.6) as mentioned at the bottom here:

I looked at Linked scrolling is glitchy in 0.6.5 and thought this was not it.

You are right, let’s wait for 0.6.6, I did not look at the release notes before writing this issue.

I have met with the same bug, as shown in the following gif.


  • Operating system: win10 1909

  • Obsidian version: Obsidian 0.6.5

  • Using custom CSS: No