Linked scrolling is glitchy in 0.6.5

I think this is new in 0.6.5 - at least I never noticed it before

Steps to reproduce

Open a long document (long enough to scroll) in split view - editor on one side, linked preview on the other so they scroll together. Start typing in the editor.

Expected result

The text appears in the preview, and if it goes off the bottom of the screen both the editor and preview scroll to keep up

Actual result

Often (but not always - I haven’t figured out how to reliably reproduce) the preview starts quickly scrolling up, ending up way out of sync with the editor.
Sometimes the editor scrolling with also start glitching, rapidly scrolling up and down by a line. When this happens the only way to snap it out of it seems to be to drag the scrollbar - the mouse wheel doesn’t do anything. (sorry I wasn’t able to get a screencast of this one)


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.5
  • Using custom CSS: No

Additional information


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Is this the known issue mentioned here?

Yes I think so. Guess I should have read the whole release notes before posting

I can reproduce this reliably.

  • Scroll both (editor + preview) to the end.
  • Type a bunch of text (type 20 or more chars per line). The preview won’t scroll at all.
  • Now scroll back to the beginning and scroll down to the end. Both panes will scroll in sync.
  • Now with every character you delete, the preview pane scroll back one* line*!
  • After a few lines scrolling back, one per char, you will be rewarded with the editor window having an extreme case of jitters (like drinking 10 cans of Red Bulls). It may even give you a real headache!
  • To escape the jitters, type undo key a few times (cmd-Z on the mac) and all will be well.

I saw the same thing happen to me today just by selecting text in an editor with a linked preview. The moment my cursor extended the selection (using keyboard) bellow the bottom of the screen the editor started jittering