Scrolling glitch in editor mode on iPad

When scrolling in editor mode on iPad, the scrolling glitches and pauses/jumps around. It only happens on iPad and not Mac or iPhone.

Same thing that is happening in the post “Scrolling hangs, lags, stutters and jumps in editor view” from 2020.

I’m not using any custom themes or css.

You’ll need to follow the bug report template with the debug info attached.
Make a video, convert it to gif online and upload it.
Otherwise they’ll move this to the help section and will go down the drain.

As for what’s happening, it’s probably live preview you are talking about, right?
That has been optimized twice if I remember correctly.
So you need to give info on what version you are on. That’s why they ask you to follow the template.

This is a duplicate of

Thanks. I searched before posting and didn’t come across that post. But yes that’s the same issue while using Live Preview. I’m on Obsidian version 1.5.12 and iPadOS 17.14.1, but it’s been happening for a long time even with previous versions of both.

I created a new vault and new long note and start scrolling from the top and then near the top it pauses and jumps. Something I noticed when doing that is that it seemed to be reproduced easier when I had a title at the top, and first tapped on the title line so it showed the title hashtags, then started scrolling (shown in gif). If I removed the title it stopped happening or at least didn’t happen as much.

I read through that post and it seems to be in line with what Pentatonic was mentioning, that it happens at or near markdown elements. Unfortunately it happens every day, so I agree with the others that it has been a big issue.


ok, please continue the convo in that thread. Thanks!