Scrollable Dataview + Custom Wrap and Static

I want to make the dataview table scrollable.


If there is some long data like description I wan’t something like boolean to make wrap = true for that field.

And then I want to be static while all others are scrollable.

I’m not the best in CSS, but I’m thinking that it should be possible to have some CSS which limits the max-height of the div containing the query result, and then let it overflow with scrollbars (or similar) if it goes beyond that limit.

Some similar trickery has been used when doing popovers for links related to how much of the preview one would like to show.

Another option, would be to actually use sticky attributes to the table containing the query. Not sure if that can be done to columns and row at the same time, but at least one of them should be possible to freeze/lock up so they don’t scroll out of view.

Neither of those solutions addresses the wrap issue, but then again using cssClass in the frontmatter I envision it should be possible to add custom classes which enables wrapping for a given column. I’m imagining something like:

.wrapColumn3  tr>td:nth-child(3) {
  /* options to enable wrapping */

And then repeat that for various columns, and adding the appropriate class for a given table.

Do any of this sound like viable options to you? Are you able to take these hints and move forward with them? (Do some of the CSS gurus get triggered and are able to produce working examples out of this? )

Disclaimer: As previously stated, I’m not too strong in CSS, so it would take me some time, and I’ve not gotten around to actually trying out any of this, as it would break into new territory for me, but I wanted to let you know that it should be a doable with some potential constraints here and there.

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