Scroll in preview with VIM keyboard mapping

I have enabled the VIM keyboard mapping and find it really useful.

Unfortunately, a few things don’t work, but that’s not so bad.

When I activate the preview with a shortcut, I can no longer scroll like in VIM but have to reach for the mouse/touchpad.

In browsers (Safari, Chrome…) there are VIM extensions that allow navigation in the browser with VIM keyboard mappings. e.g.:

d / u : half page down / up
j / k : line by line down / up
f / F : select links (upper case = in new tab)
H / L : Back / Forward (like the ← → arrows on top/left in the window)
gg / G : document start / end
/ ? : Search (Forward, Backward)

And other navigation options with VIM.
Example see: SurfingKeys: Vimari / Vimium alternative - Browser Extension Overview (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) - YouTube

So you could activate the preview with command+E and scroll with keyboard, open left, go back, …

Would be great.

Oct '20 bands requests a similar suggestion. I could not find the extension mentioned there.

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How is this different from the FR you linked? You can keep the discussion in that thread.