Script for migrating from WikidPad

Dear community, I have been using WikidPad for many years, but finally migrated to obsidian, for the modern functionality it offers.
I have written a Python script that did the migration for me. It is crude and not well documented, but if there is interest I could put up a smoother version.

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Cool! Wikidpad was the first text-file–based notes app I used, years ago. I still have some notes in my vault that I originally wrote in Wikidpad, demonstrating the value of plain text files. (Between then and now I’ve used Zim Wiki and a variety of text editors.)

Thanks a lot for this!

Me too, but I miss some Wikidpad-features, especially the link view tree (Link tree view in the left sidepanel) which is clearer than the graph view. I migrated because the development of Wikidpad stopped, and I’m afraid that I can’t use it any more at one time or another.

I have my old Wikidpad database with about 5000 notes still in use, and migrate manually, when I update an item.

Your script seems great. I’m not a programmer- I really would appreciate a smoother and better documented version.

If there isn’t already a plugin that does that, you could post a description in Feature Requests or Plugin Ideas (unless one already exists, in which case you could add your voice to it).

I posted it already (see link above), but there isn’t too much interest in it unfortunately.

Oops, sorry — I assumed that link was to an external explanation or picture of the feature.