Save settings for which plugins are enabled for mobile and desktop separately

Use case or problem

When using Obsidian for desktop I have more plugins for formatting the way panes are presented to you (ex: Sliding Panes plugin), but when I want to jot something down in Obsidian Mobile, the page is too large.

Proposed solution

The plugins should have options to be disabled on different devices from the settings of the community plugins page. It would also be good if there were some default state to plugins: for example, always use tabbed view plugin for mobile, and always use Sliding Panes for desktop.

Current workaround (optional)

None, I just use drafts for quick input when on mobile, and before I go outside, I close all of my open panes on Obsidian desktop so they don’t cram up my iPhone screen.


Current workaround

Actually, @forseeobstacles, there are some possibilities to disable the plugin on mobile devices. Here is one of them . This works well but it has the huge inconvenience to manually update the change of settings in both folder (e.g. if you change a plugin settings or instal a new plugin in the desktop version it will not sync with mobile, since your are using different folder).

The other solution, the one I prefer, you simple change the value of the "isDesktopOnly": to true in the manifest.json file under the plugin folder.

For example, to disable the sliding panes plugin on mobile (for iOS users you have to do this on the desktop, since hidden folder are not accessible) you go to the sliding-panes-obsidian folder under the plugins folder and change the value to "isDesktopOnly": true, save the file e that is, the plugin will be disabled on mobile.

I am not a native English speaker so, I apologize in advance if I was rude or imprecise with my words.
Please correct me always that you get a chance, you’ll be making me a huge favor

Does the change to the manifest.json not get overwritten by subsequent plugin updates?

I’ve been frustrated by this issue for a while, and this is really not an acceptable solution for me. It should simply be a supported feature in the settings UI, with toggle switches. There have been multiple posts about this for multiple years at this point, and “workarounds” that expect users to go into plugin config files just don’t cut it, IMO.

This is not a solution. I know you can disable sync for plugins. I want to sync active plugins for mobile and desktop separately, not disable the sync entirely.

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