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Looks like, latest 13.17 broke the bullet points. It’s now no longer showing the bullet point sign like “-” in live preview mode. It seems to be showing ok with the minimal theme. I guess the theme needs to be updated to work with 13.17.

Have already worked on a fixed, just need to write the changelog and finish a few other things I want to ship out with the next update. :wink:

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Sanctum v0.5.4

  • Relationship Lines in Reading and Editing Views have been adjusted
  • SVGs have been optimized and their icon colours updated to the new palette
  • IBM Plex Sans is now the main heading font
  • Added Pin option to right sidebar
  • Added True Black Dark Mode. You’ll most likely need to enter Style Settings and set the color, as some visual bugs may occur until you do so
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
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Small Sanctum update
I’ve created a Discussion on github regarding Headings, which is something I’m thinking of maybe changing going forward. If you want to leave your opinion on the current state of default Sanctum’s headings, or simply want to throw some ideas my way, click the link below. Any contribution is appreciated. Sanctum Headings · Discussion #87 · jdanielmourao/obsidian-sanctum · GitHub

You can also simply give feedback here as well. Either way, I’ll see it. :slight_smile:

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Sanctum v0.5.5

  • Added indents to Style Settings sections
  • Reworked Headings to now have pre-set color options
  • Deprecated Variable Headings
  • Heading indicators are now only visible in the active line
  • Some tweaks and fixes

Using <s class="aside-right"> too doesn’t seem to support md formatting. Is there a cssclass I need to import first?

It supports basic markdown like bold, emphasis and highlights, but has a few restrictions.

Sanctum v0.5.6

:warning: Disclaimer - Possibly breaking changes!
Accent colours are now pre-set. Before updating, I’d advise you to export your Style Settings onto a text file, in case you want to keep the colours you’re using. This was done to ensure consistency throughout the theme.

Style Settings

  • Cleaned up style settings containers
  • Checkbox colour is now customizable
  • Added option to disable active line highlighting
  • Added option to customize Frontmatter font (common to both Editing and Reading View)
  • Added separate options for relationship lines - for Reading and Live Preview
  • Added option for dataview tables to occupy the full width of the note. This needs to be turned off if you’d like them to behave like regular tables, and occupy more than that automatically
  • There are now 2 heading indicator options - the old one, and a new one that only shows in the active line, to determine the level quicker, whilst not compromising heading alignment
  • Added marker customization in Style Settings

Under the hood: Updated colour custom properties

Snippets: Added sanctum checkbox snippet. This might not work for all themes

Tweaks and Additions

  • Fixed relationship lines in LP. They also no longer depend on the custom font you’re using, so the spacing option has been deprecated, given that it isn’t necessary anymore
  • Added styling to LP frontmatter. A style settings option to customize them will come next update
  • Changed the visual appearance of blockquotes. They now have a slimmer border, are still indented and in muted text, but no longer have the quotation mark symbol. The visual difference between blockquote and paraphrase is now the existence or lack there of of the border. The text colour and indentation will stay the same, so as to differentiate it from normal text. Let me know what you think about this change!
  • Removed right margin from blockquotes, so there’s more text per line
  • Fixed bug where multi color highlights would stay bold even after having a font-style:normal. They should now have regular weights
  • Removed WYSIWYG hr element in the active line of Live Preview, since it seemed unnecessary
  • Tweaked the styling of the Calendar Plugin
  • Focused nodes in graph are now pink, just like the active file colour
  • In text footnote references now have the accent colour in Editing View
  • Aligned Heading collapse indicators
  • Some more fixes and tweaks

Sanctum v0.6.0


  • Added Print! It still has some unintended bugs, but works for the most part, including side notes! Tested settings: A4 size, portrait, default margins, 50 downscale percent
  • Added new cite and paraphrase, now with markdown syntax! Simply do >> for cite, and >>> for paraphrase, just like regular blockquotes. It’s also compatible with Live Preview. Thank you @pseudometa for the idea! :pirate_flag:
  • New empty state page format (now with version number, which is also included in the Community Themes menu)
  • You can now choose selection color with Style Settings. It has pre-set values to match accent colors
  • Added Style Settings option for disabling the mobile floating button. It now also adapts its position depending on whether you have the Advanced Mobile Toolbar plugin enabled or not
  • Added a Reveal YAML option in Style Settings, in case you don’t fancy the default hover effect
  • Added custom “Open Today” icon for daily notes


  • Updated theme with a MIT license.
  • New Buttons!
  • New Sliders!
  • New Toggles!
  • New Tags!
  • Regular checkboxes are now round, so the - [1] custom checkbox has been deprecated
  • UI has had some changes (wider ribbon, changes in icon hover effects and size, and more)
  • Adjusted opacity of unresolved links
  • Adjusted width of aside-in side notes
  • File tree folder collapse icons are visible again on mobile
  • Changed font names to avoid confusion. IBM Plex fonts have a * at the end, and iA Writer have no final letter (S)
  • Updated default heading weights. Don’t worry, they’re still customizable!
  • Highlights have been slightly restyled. There are now also simplified highlights for both mobile (no animation) and print (simple background color)
  • Mobile font size is now smaller across the board for small devices (most phones)
  • Code font size is a bit smaller, so it matches the body text
  • Updated default font. IBM Plex Sans is the “new” default, same as the very first version of the theme! iA Writer Quattro is still in the theme’s code, in case you prefer it.
  • IBM Plex Mono now replaces iA Writer Mono as the default code/frontmatter font
  • Color palettes are now called “Color schemes” in Style Settings, so as to appease @pseudometa ’s OCD


  • Deprecated active line highlighting in legacy Editor
  • - [1] custom checkbox


  • iA Writer Mono is no longer included in the theme


  • Status bar on top option fixed, works fine again
  • Some minor tweaks and bug fixes

Sanctum v0.6.1


  • Added redacted cssClass which styles strikethroughs differently. Coupled with new bold italic styling, you can now record new additions to your notes (with __*bold italic*__/ <ins></ins> html element), as well as redactions (with ~~strikethrough~~). Might be useful for academic and/or collaborative work
  • Added new table styles, which can be selected using a dropdown menu in Style Settings. They’re all compatible with Dataview, and display in Live Preview as well. Tables also have the width of the note by default
  • Styled Kanban plugin’s popup calendar
  • Added support for mgmeyer’s Indentation Guides plugin
  • Added a snippet for iA Writer Quattro S font
  • Added option to justify note titles to the left, in Style Settings


  • Reworked Delete File modal
  • Updated Dark Mode accent colours, they’re now 1 shade lighter, for better contrast
  • Pseudo Admonitions have been restyled and simplified, keeping their accent colours, but being more consistent with the theme. They’re now, along with custom checkboxes, toggleable (check Style Settings → Features). The entire code has been updated, and is also available as a snippet. It also works inside Admonitions!
  • Changed highlight style. Friendly reminder that the old underline type of highlight is available as a snippet as well
  • Tweaked heading margins, which change depending on their sizes
  • Links have been restyled. Internal links now display as small caps with accent colour, while external links have regular formatting with accent colour. The underline has been deprecated, and replaced with a background accent color on hover
  • Sliding Panes plugin has been slightly tweaked
  • Restyled Calendar and Fantasy Calendar
  • Restyled matched search results
  • Buttons, sliders and toggles have been slightly tweaked and simplified
  • Restyled Admonition plugin admonitions
  • Side notes are now better aligned with in-line text, and are also slightly muted in color. They’re also much more simplified code-wise
  • Simplified empty page formatting, which now works as a colophon
  • Headings 5 and 6 are now all caps, in order to better differentiate them from regular text
  • Frontmatter now displays with preview font in Reading view, and monospace in Editing view. The Metadata container has also been enabled, and will display on top of the frontmatter
  • Resize handles are now larger, and should be easier to work with, even though the difference shouldn’t be noticeable visually (it will make a difference when hovering with the mouse, though)
  • Close buttons now display as red when hovered
  • Prompts in tablets should now not occupy the entire screen. Side panels are now also slimmer
  • Blockquotes have been slightly simplified, namely <cite>Cite</cite>/>>Cite is not italic nor accent colour anymore
  • Embeds shouldn’t have a small border anymore, and the edit block button in Live Preview has been styled
  • Small tweaks and changes


  • Removed iA Writer Quattro S font
  • Removed view header scroll shadow
  • in-built Relationship Lines have been removed


  • Footnote heading now correctly displays with lvl2 heading size and weight
  • fixed selection color of language code blocks
  • fixed issue with tag suggestion positioning
  • tables in Editing View now use a monospaced font
  • File Explorer icons now match the text in colour
  • Other bugs and fixes
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Hi, I love this theme and I love most of what you’ve done on the new update. But I don’t love internal links being small caps. It feels too “opinionated” to me, and they don’t allow me to see whether I’ve written caps or lower case. Could this be a setting? Or failing that, could someone tell me what sort of CSS snippet I’d need to change the links back? (I haven’t delved into the world of CCS yet.)

UPDATE: And at the risk of coming across as all complainy, I’m also not so enamoured of the all caps H5 and H6. If we want those headings to stand out better from body text, we’ve now got heading colours for that (which I love!)


Agree on the small caps for internal links, caps has readability issues, and the internal linking is a key part of what obsidian does. These links should be as readable as possible.

H5 and h6, not an issue for me - I’d even say mildly useful as an overline style heading for some situations.

You just can’t please all the people all the time, can you? :joy: But loving your work and loving the theme, thank you! It back to obsidian after a “being on a break” :heart:

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Agree that I generally love Sanctum, and I find it helps to a space for writing, thinking, reflecting. On the whole, I love the aesthetics. And the H5 H6 issue is definitely less problematic than the internal links (but perhaps like Minimal theme, it would be possible to change the styling in the settings.) The thing with external links is that, according to my understanding, the small caps were created to better distinguish internal links from external ones. But this is not at all a priority for me. In fact, I want to have internal links as non-obtrusive as possible.

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I never could settle on a good theme and would spend way too much time messing with Obsidian themes until Sanctum came around. I absolutely love it. That being said, there are a couple tweaks I have ended up making. I’m not sure how to make a snippet for the internal links, but it is rather simple to alter the Sanctum.css to make them look the way I like. Just open up the file ([vault folder]\.obsidian\themes\Sanctum.css) and look for this bit of CSS:

.markdown-preview-view .internal-link {
  text-decoration: none;
  color: var(--text-accent);
  /*font-weight: 450;
  text-transform: uppercase;
  font-size: 0.8em;
  letter-spacing: 0.125em;
  border-radius: 4px;*/

You can see there that I’ve commented out the last five lines. You could also delete them, but I like to leave things where they are.

This obviously is not an ideal solution because every time Sanctum updates you have to go back and do it again. A snippet would be better. I’m sure there is a way to do that, but I haven’t taken the time to figure it out yet.

If nothing else, this could be a temporary solution for anyone who is having readability issues with the new internal link style.

You can instead make a snippet. Wouldn’t have to change the theme every time then.

Thanks, I’ll look into this and see if I can make a snippet from it.

Apologies for not responding on this thread. I haven’t been to the forums in a few days. Hopefully the following update will ease some of your concerns :slight_smile:

Sanctum v.0.6.2

Unreleased (will be available in a future version):

  • Option to make disable uppercase Headings 5/6


  • New Colour Schemes, available in both light and dark mode:
    • Cold Grey
    • Hearth
    • Moss
    • Tide
  • New Custom Colour Scheme option! Tip: Leave as is for a completely neutral palette, or add saturation and hue to keep the theme’s contrast ratios more or less true to the original palette.
  • Added setting for unresolved node color, thanks to the contribution of @RensOliemans
  • Added option to “Change internal link appearance”. This makes internal links to be formatted like regular text, only accent coloured. This should help with people who rely on upper and lowercase letters for distinguishing between their notes/attachments
  • Line Numbers are now more faded by default, with the exception of the active line line number. This serves as a more understated way of highlighting the active line


  • Pinned side panels now match the unpinned side panels in tablets
  • Adjusted text shade levels. They’re now slightly lighter, but also retain more colour, making them more specific to each colour scheme
  • Tweaked True Black colour scheme shades
  • Active Line Highlighting is now off by default. Its options have been put under a common heading, in ‘Style Settings → Features → Active Line Highlighting’
  • Collapse indicators are now more faded, so as to not attract as much attention
  • Improved styling of Kanban lanes. Updated tags and links inside Kanban lanes
  • cssClass: redacted strikethroughs now display with a red background in Editing View


  • Fixed Live Preview checkbox radius not applying
  • Fixed vertical alignment of link favicons
  • Custom Checkboxes now completely work inside Admonitions, and don’t break in loose lists
  • Fixed embedded backlinks icon padding
  • A few fixes related to True Black colour scheme
  • Fixed marker vertical alignment
  • Fixed active file border radius in File Explorer
  • Pseudo Admonitions work inside Admonitions in Live Preview
  • Fixed heading indicator position
  • Fixed link sizing issue in Kanban lanes
  • Fixed checkbox size and colour issue inside Kanban boards
  • Fixed clickable buttons in community plugins, as well as Selected Theme button styling
  • Fixed cursor styling not applying

Thank you. Much appreciated!

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Thank you so much for this update! You added settings for all the little things I was tweaking before. This theme is the absolute best.

Edit: You’re the absolute best.

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I have been using this theme for quite long. But I didn’t update it till yesterday. (truth be told I didn’t even know till yesterday that you can update the themes). After the update I, didn’t like the new Text Highlights. I want that old underline style highlight. So, I checked the Obsidian forum. I found this statement in your changelog, but I don’t know how to do it. If you could provide the snippet that would be quite helpful.