Same sort order for folder and files

+1 would also love this

+1 for this feature. I want Obsidian to stop forcing a non-user friendly way of sorting content. This should be a setting, not left to a community plugin.


+1, would really appreciate this feature.

+1. I’m resorting to Sebastians plugin, but really think it orta be built in. Thank you for reading.

+1 This sorting option seems an obvious omission. My workflow is cumbersome without it.

Thanks for this! Some sanity is restored to my world.

+1 for having alphabetical ordering instead of folders first ordering as a feature of Obsidian.

For the record: I installed the custom-sort plugin and uninstalled two minutes later because it would take longer to wrap my head around how it works. It’s honestly impressive and certainly useful to many, just overkill for my simple needs.

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Have u tried GitHub - ozntel/file-tree-alternative: This Obsidian Plugin allows users to have a different file explorer experience. ?

Yes, the developer is improving it and fixing some of the bugs, but it’s still too buggy to be used every day.