Same sort order for folder and files

+1 I searched for this problem because it’s a (1st world) problem for me.

+1 Please add this feature. Would be easier to make sense of all files and folders

I would like this — as mentioned, it’s the default on Mac & iOS. It would probably have to be an option because the current way is the default on Windows and both ways have merit.

I need this feature, even if it’s just a community plugin. My sort order requires that files and folders are treated equal in the sorting process.

+1 This feature is so essential in my workflow.

+1 for me as well. essential for my note organization scheme, where a note can either be a simple file, or a directory containing subnotes

+1 - Would love to see this feature as well

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I say YES
to me it makes a lot of sense since I’m also a Mac user



Yes please.

yes +1 seems obvious feature

especially when using folder notes this is annoying


+1 Would love to see an option where files and folders are treated the same when viewing alphabetically. Viewing folder notes and regular notes ordered alphabetically together is my primary use case.



for my personal purposes I’ve created a plugin which allows for full control over the order of files and folders in Obsidian File Explorer.

By default the plugin treats folders and files equally and sorts them alphabetically

Order is specified in YAML in front matter. Each folder can have its own ordering logic, or can stay with the Obsidian standard sorting. You can use sorting and grouping rules or direct order specification by listing names (wildcard supported). Or mix and match.

I’ve been using this plugin for some weeks already and it looks like it nicely fills the gap of the missing feature of (which I love at first sight BTW!)

The simplest case is to let the plugin take over the control of sorting of items in specified folder(s). If you want the items in the root folder of a vault to be sorted alphabetically, folders and files treated equally, put the below YAML snippet in the front matter of the file (the file can be in any location, in a root or in a subfolder, you decide):

sorting-spec: |
 target-folder: /
 < a-z

After putting this specification in the front matter YAML you need tell the plugin to parse and apply it. This is done by clicking the ribbon button exposed by the plugin. More information in plugin’s documentation

See if it is suitable for your case(s)


This plugin is fantastic @SebastianMC , thanks a lot for this!

I just played around with it for the last hour and it works really well. I’m loving both the granularity of customization and the fact that you can switch the custom order on and off in a click.

All my use cases are covered by your plugin. I think you made a very useful tool for a lot of obsidian users!

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+1 for this feature!