Same sort order for folder and files

Use case or problem

Sort order in the file explorer seems to be divided by folder and markdown files. For instance if you try to sort element by name you get first all the folders and next all the files, no matter if a file comes first alphabetically.

Screenshot 2020-12-04 at 23.10.08

Proposed solution

Would make more sense if the sort filters will treat both element as equal.


Yes please. If not by default (I think it should be the default when running on macOS or any Apple platform) an option to not sort folders first.

My post here solve a similar problem, and also allows for a certain amount of Outlining to be more achievable

For reference, here is how Atom editor implemented it

+1 this as a feature request. I like my folders sorted by “recently modified,” and there currently seems to be no way to do that in Obsidian.


To organize a folder’s contents, I alphabetically elevate a Table of Contents note’s priority using an underscore: _TOC. However, adding subfolders pushes all notes including this _TOC note down below all the subfolders, effectively hiding it when there are many subfolders. So I have to create a separate _TOC subfolder containing the _TOC note to elevate its visibility. Unfortunately, now I have to waste time drilling down into each _TOC subfolder to access its _TOC note!

There has to be a better way!!!

Might this be solvable with a plug-in?

Thank you!

+1 for this feature request.

+1 for this.

+1 for this too!

  • 1 You are basically forced to create a 000 something folder to keep certain documents on top. Super annoying.

+1 for this

Another +

+1 Please!

Another +

+1, would be really useful!

would love to see the sorting for folder the same as files!

+1 on this as well.

+1, would be really useful!

Just to add my vote that this (“sort files and folders alike”) feature would be really useful. I’m sure everyone has their own favourite example, but I thought the usecase described in Can I sort folders and files continuously in the tree view? particularly compelling.

This shouldn’t be an obstacle for Obsidian’s engineers, but everything I’ve read does say that Windows File Explorer still cannot do this. However, other navigators such as Double Commander implement alternative sorts like this through a user option (Options>Files views>Sorting directories: sort like files).

My own stopgap workaround for now is that every isolated markdown file gets its own folder (same-named only without the md extension). That makes for an extra setup step and then additional mouseclicks on each use, but multiply this by millions of users worldwide and it can’t be a good thing…

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+1 from me too!