Round trip-note with headings>note with embeds in a click and/or simultaneous

Use case or problem

Since the outline pane doesn’t have auto folding and unfolding for all, I don’t like to let it go much further than one level. So I use an iterative process of composing and breaking out notes from single heading once I want to start developing deeper hierarchy. For short notes, it only takes a few minutes to cut out the contents of each heading and create a new note with the proper name from that heading. At that point I use an embed for a while.

But often eventually, once major edits and most composition is complete, I want it all back editable in one place again without concern for deep hierarchy or quick navigation. So I diligently replace all embeds and embeds within embeds, etc with the real content until I have the full self contained document.

I wish I didn’t have to do so much work to maintain this workflow.

Proposed solution

Make this process either convertible with a click in both directions. Another option would be to allow for a special case of a functional and editable transclusion hybrid approach where both editing the individual notes that are embedded or the content within the headings of the full composite note affect both.

This could be facilitated by having a function to run on a note full of transclusions where it fills in the content from each source note in the heading style from above, but keeps it live and dynamic. This is different than editable transclusions in the sense that you could either transclude the individual notes or the headings in the composite note and you would get the same content as it is changing during real-time editing.

I could also see situations where you would want to link to the composite note heading throughout your vault, but have that link be able to either take you directly to the note or rely on clicking the heading within the composite note to be sent to the individual note.

Part of this is for convenience of always linking to one central note and not complicating graph(assuming independent notes aren’t elsewhere linked and orphans are hidden), and part of this is for maintaining the simplicity of editing notes without the deep hierarchies while also having the option to edit that same content in the context of deep hierarchy.

Current workaround (optional)

I am just switching between both manually as described above.

Related feature requests (optional)

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I am sure there are other similar requests and I will try to return and add them soon. Edit: Some quality relevant/somewhat similar/in the same ballpark discussion here: Block references and atomic notes