Right Side bar resets when restarting app


I’m fairly new to Obsidian, I have figured out most things but this one is really bugging me

What I’m trying to do

Im trying to set the right side bar as I want it and make it “sticky”

Things I have tried



Screenshot 2023-04-12 213039


On the right side bar I want to see two notes and the calendar link
See image
The problem is, if I restart Obsidian the changes aren’t saved and it goes back to default.
Im guessing this is a simple thing I have missed :crazy_face:
Any pointers would be appreciated

Do you use a syncing tool?

If you do, there is a chance that your workspace.json file in your Vault/.obsidian has some conflicted copies or something. I get this sometimes in Dropbox if I am using Obsidian on two computers at the same time.


If that’s the case, then your left pane, and open tabs should also reset when you restart Obsidian. Your entire workspace won’t be saved correctly.

For me, for this problem, I can just go delete the conflicted copies, and then it works again. If that isn’t the problem for you, it might be something else like a plugin causing issues.

Thanks. Im only using on a single PC

I guess I will have to try disabling some of the many many plugins I have :crazy_face:

Right, but are you using a syncing tool? (Dropbox, Google Drive, Syncthing, iCloud, OneDrive, etc. etc.)

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