Restore the previous behaviour as “Split right as new tab group”

Use case or problem

The current behavior of “Split right” is to make a new tab group if there is no tab group right, but doesn’t make it if there is one tab group already.

Recent improvements optimize usability for the stacked tab feature.
But these changes made it less useful to use tabs as actual panes (= tab group). The old Sliding-pane plugin’s stacked mode (now the Pane relief plugin’s sliding mode) allows placing notes horizontally beyond the spatial constraints of the window. I want the team to maintain and maximize this ability to keep this usage.

Proposed solution

Please restore the previous behavior which always creates a new tab group (= pane) as another functionality “Split right as new tab group” and make a new hotkey for it.

Current workaround (optional)

Move a note manually and create a new tab group.

Related feature requests (optional)

The same problem

this is a bug and was fixed in 1.3.3

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Wow, thank you for fixing a bug!

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