Add command to / Restore the previous behavior as “Open link under cursor in a new tab group"

Use case or problem

Since v1.3.1, the behavior of the feature “Open link under the cursor to the right” has changed to open a link in a new tab within an existing tab group.

For my workflow (with Pane relief plugin’s sliding-pane mode), it’s essential to arrange each tab horizontally (one tab per one tab group) and check them at a glance.

The feature of “stacked tabs” is useful to spare window spaces, but it makes me feel suffocated and makes some notes invisible at the same time.

The current behavior is to open a link into the next tab group if there is at least one tag group. This situation has a problem. I can’t create a new tab group (= a new pane) easily.

Proposed solution

Please restore the previous behavior which always creates a new tab group (= a new pane) as another functionality “Open link under the cursor to new tab group” and make a new hotkey for it.

Current workaround (optional)

Move a note as a new tab group manually.


Related feature requests (optional)

Related report by me.

Related Feature request

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I think you could achieve the same or similar workflow with stacked tabs and some css like this to force narrow columns.

body {
  --tab-stacked-pane-width: 400px;

Ok. It’s not a tab size problem.
It’s important for me that columns and note contents are always visible.

I agree with your wholeheartedly on this request, and I have made similar pleas in the Insider pre-release forums but, sadly, nobody seems interested. Tab groups are the in-thing, and we simply have to adapt to them. Panes were so much better for how I prefer to work.

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Totally, the tabs in stacked tabs and panes introduce significant changes in the spatial constraints within the window, affecting the accessibility of note contents and how we handle and then connect them.
But, pane lovers are in the minority.
The best approach is to be flexible and use both methods depending on the situation.

This will be undone in 1.3.4

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Nice news!