Restore last document position/scroll position/cursor position

+1 for the “restore-cursor-position-when-opening-Obsidian” feature. In the meanwhile, checking the proposed plugins, thanks to everyone!

I agree, the plugin doesn’t always work. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Probably not directly related to this topic, but I created a small plugin that deals with the problem of scroll jumping when switching between notes (using tabs in my use case). I made it public, so some of you may find it useful.

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yep. IMO, this feature is super useful when navigating between notes. Loosing the cursor after navigating forth and back is painful, esp. the original note is lengthy :dizzy_face:. Hope it will be built internally.

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I need it to save the reading position, not to position the cursor position, I may not click while reading.


Definitely an important missing feature.

I see several plugins mentioned in this thread and that some have bugs.
Which one is the most reliable?

I second this proposition. It would be great if we could have Obsidian to remember the cursor position.

It could be just me, but few month ago I had upgraded Obsidian using “installer v.0.15.9”. It could be my faulty memory (or wishful thinking), but it seemed to remember a place in a note where I left.

Yesterday I updated Obsidian to version 1.1.9 (I was interested in new Canvas core plugin). Now when I open Obsidian the cursor has “no memory” and is moved at the beginning of a note.

What’s important: I installed the plugin “Remember cursor position” (version 1.0.7), which theoretically should do the job. However, the plugin does not work – a JSON file where it should record cursor position is empty.

Have you been able to solve this issue? I too, would like Obsidian to remember 'reading position’ not the cursor position. I’m using 'ctrl + end ’ to do the job for now.


when working with several notes and changing back and forth, i repeatedly have to scroll to the position in a certain note when coming back to it.
it would be great if, within a session or permanently, obsidian could remember the position i scrolled to, within each note.


The Remember cursor position plugin does exactly that.


I would prefer remembering scroll position over remembering cursor position. While they are similar, remembering cursor position makes it so when you click into a pane, the cursor moves back to exactly where it was, overriding where you clicked and making you have to click again to get the cursor where you intended. Suprisingly annoying. If it was only scroll position that was retained, this would be a non-issue. I think.


maybe this will be the right one for you: obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-remember-file-state


When I’m at the bottom of a note in reading view and I change to edit, the scroll returns to the top of the page… quite uncomfortable when you have a very long note and you have to scroll to the bottom again.

I propose that when changing from reading to edit mode, the page is at the same point as before changing…

(sorry for my english, today quite complicated :sweat_smile:)


Same thing happens for me on mobile, in a vanilla vault without plugins or snippets, if the note is long enough.
Does this happen for you on desktop or mobile?

@Zarconoris and @chrsle I think you are mixing a different issue

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No longer seems to work.
Just checked the data.json files for mobile and desktop: no changes to the file on mobile since January and no change on desktop since the end of March.

I expect this to be done sooner or later as a core function of Obsidian.
Also, important: the saved positions should be carried across sessions!

I use the app daily, which always works on my PC. I do not have it installed on mobile. The location for the data is set in the settings. It can be wherever you choose. It is a JSON file that writes the last scroll position. It should persist across sessions.

Yes. I meant the Obsidian core function – whenever.

But – after a quick perusal of the plugin’s GH issues – it’s strange that it works in such haphazard fashion.

Looks to me like the latest update with Properties – which alters line numbers – broke the plugin (Remember Cursor Position comm. plugin) on PC (on mobile it scrolls to the last position saved by the PC session).

So there was never a better time to raise awareness of the need to have this as an innate function. Pretty please.

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Update seems to have fixed it: