Jumps When Switching Between Modes

I was not sure to ask this here or in feature request section… The confusing thing about obsidian is that it cant keep the center of attention /cursor or middle of the page in the place. When I switch between edit and review mode that is a problem. Even when I open a new note on the right pane the left side jumps from where it was. It is really annoying and I think the good thing about Typora style is that keeping that center of attention not that it combines two modes together. I don’t know how it works and how hard it is to be fixed but it is going to be a very big improvement if fixed.


I am not sure I understand your problem. Generally Obsidian tries to maintain the first row in place. If it doesn’t, post a specific bug report with a screen recording of this happening in the help vault.

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I just noticed that it happens only when it is full of bullet point outlines and may be the problem with outliner plugin. Also the it keeps the top line very accurately in the help vault / core obsidian.

Sorry for bothering you guys

No probelm if you find reproduceble circumstances in the help vault please open a bug report.

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