First switch from Reading mode -> Editor incorrectly opens document from the beginning

It is the same as this bug, except I found a consistent way to reproduce it on my machine.

Reproduction guide:
Switch from one file to other, long, file. Make sure the file you’re switching to opens in reading mode (if it opens in editing mode, do so by toggling to reading mode, and then switching to other file and back, such that it reopens in reading mode). Switching to reading mode after the file is already open doesn’t reproduce the bug. Then scroll down enough, so the jump to the top of the document would be large and noticable. Then switch to editing mode, and it jumps all the way to the top of the page.

I find it really annoying, since it happens often, when I read through a document, and then want to edit a small mistake I find while reading, and then the screen jumps randomly, so I lose the mistake, and have to find where I left off, breaking the flow of reading.

I am using the AppImage Obsidian version 1.1.16 on fedora linux.
Managed to reproduce it in the helper vault → with no community plugins and styles.

not a native speaker, sorry for any grammar mistakes


I am not sure I understand you.

Post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault using the appimage.


ok, it’s nto the same bug but it’s definitely a regression.

Also tried it on my windows 11 pc, and it happens the same there.

+1 from me to fix this. I see a number of slight variants – basically the screen scrolling / jumping scroll position when you switch from edit to reading view (or from reading to edit view).

It is super disorienting, especially on mobile. With long notes you may have scrolled down in reading view to find your content a few screens down, then want to make a minor tweak. If you have to find the position again it totally disrupts your attention and mental flow.

Please please fix!

This bug is same for me.
Every time I enter the edit mode first, the screen will jump to the first line.

But when I enter the same file edit mode 2nd, 3rd, … , work normally.

Please fix quickly

It works normal when enable the old edit mode.

But use the default mode in 1.1.8, The screen still jump to the first line when first enter edit mode from reading mode.

maybe The cursor does not move as the screen moves.

Can somebody post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault?

Is this okay?

Here’s a reliable way to reproduce on:

macOS Ventura
Obsidian 1.1.9

  1. set these initial settings in:
    • Obsidian → Settings → Editor → Default view for new tabs to “Reading view”
    • The default editing mode can be either Live Preview or Source mode (problem occurs in both)
  2. close all doc tabs currently open
  3. open a single markdown doc and verify it is displayed in Reading view mode by default
  4. scroll to bottom of doc
  5. switch to Edit Mode (command+e)

Observe Edit Mode version is displayed at top (did not follow Reading view).

What’s interesting is if you switch back to Reading view, it now is reset to top of doc also, but scrolling to bottom again and switching to Edit Mode again works correctly from there on out. This is the case for each new doc opened (in Reading view default) until toggling back and fourth once between the initial Reading view and Edit Mode is done.

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Also happening to me.

Happening for me as well, default theme. Any time the window isn’t at the top of the page, switching between source and live preview mode successively moves the view down the page, rather than centering on the cursor, or anything previously on screen. Occurs with community plugins allowed, or in safe-mode. Several images in this particular note.

will be fixed v1.3.6


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