Resetting spaced repetition/anki tags

What I’m trying to do

Is it possible to reset/delete all marks (comments with next review date) for anki/spaced repetitions:


The only thing I can think of is to write some external script or use some linux tool to remove those lines.

Things I have tried

I checked all configuration options for spaced repetitions plugin, but couldn’t find anything that allows that.

my assumtion

I assume you’re using spaced repetition plugin made by st3v3nmw here.

current state of this feature

  • I made feature request specifically for this use case → link here
  • st3v3nmw make issues on github → link here → please if you have some idea you can join this discussion
  • this feature request has been on plugin todo roadmap, so it’s likely to be here (soon) → link here

My current workaround

  • on desktop → my method is open project using vscode, then using regex to remove html comment
  • on mobile (android) → i use app called “Bulk Text Replace”, then using regex to remove html comment

Of course you can write some external script and run on your desktop or mobile for same result…

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