Plugin for flashcards & note-level spaced repetition all inside Obsidian

Hey, so we’re working on multiple review queues, & we should be able to configure them to add this functionality. It’ll take a little while though. You could open an issue on the repo for better tracking.

Thanks! I just put the issue up, thanks for the advice. Multiple review queues would be a great feature, btw—it would be great, e.g., to easily focus on notes for a specific project or work vs. personal for a writing session.

So if anyone would like to help translate the plugin to a language you speak: Fork the SRS repo, copy the entries from src/lang/locale/en.ts (in the repository) to the proper file in locales (i.e. fr.ts for French, or sw.ts for Swahili), translate, and then open a pull request. Thanks!

Release notes for version 1.6.0 :tada::


  • Single-line reversed cards (front::back & back:::front cards are added)
  • Multi-line reversed cards (front??back & back??front cards are added)
  • Ability to ignore flashcards for a while by wrapping them in HTML comments

Bug Fixes:

  • Blank lines in code blocks are now supported
  • Fixed saving of some settings options

QoL improvements:

  • Caching of scheduling information (should drastically reduce processing time)

I’ve recently made a major overhaul on how flashcards are parsed. So there might be some bugs, feel free to report them on the git repo. Thanks!

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Version 1.6.1 release notes:


  • Multiple note review queues (thanks to @erichalldev)
  • Ability to hide some folders from the plugin (thanks to @aviskase)

Bug Fixes:

  • Override saving on same line if flashcard ends with codeblock
  • Refresh stats before loading statistics modal

QoL Improvements:

  • Add option to clear cache

First i want to appreciate to @st3v3n for created this wonderful plugin…

This Plugin is awesome :sunglasses:, you combine it with Toggl Track Plugin its good, especially if you are looking for to your tracking time. I know its not perfect, but its good enough.

I have some uses case, that bother me sometime…
Usually i use this plugin to review my flashcard. When exam day is still far away, its very useful to review flashcard using spaced repetition. Easy flash card rarely show up, so do the opposite.

But when exam day is close, we need to review all card regardless its easy or hard. Its like using regular flashcard, without spaced repetition. My current work arround is to delete stamp, that created in the card after we reviewing flashcard as easy/medium/hard, but its pain in the ass.

i’m not programmer, but i wonder… is there a way to ignore that time stamp. It would be great if there is a button somewhere or a toggle in settings. I saw someone discuss about this topic in github here, should i open an issue about this ?

Btw, i’m quite happy about this current state of my workflow, enjoy your time. Thanks to make this wonderful plugin @st3v3n

I hope enthusiasm from the community can make this plugin even better in the future.


Hello, I’m glad that you like the plugin,
I’ve opened an issue on GitHub on this, should be implemented pretty soon, after I fix this.

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Version 1.6.2 release notes:


  • Optional **bolded text** to clozes conversion
  • Statistics on intervals, eases, & card types
  • Command to review flashcards from one note only

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug where notes in ‘New’ were not included in review queue (multiple review queues)
  • Roll back caching to fix stale cached data, & reduce overhead required to keep it up to date

QoL Improvements:

  • New Icon (thanks to @TfTHacker)
  • “Open File” link in flashcards review now opens the notes in the background for later edit (thanks to @TfTHacker)
  • Better calculation of initial ease for flashcards

Also, if you’d like help translate the plugin, please see this guide. Thanks.

Hey bro I like to see this Outliner Support · Issue #187 · st3v3nmw/obsidian-spaced-repetition · GitHub feature for your plugin and also improving cloze suppurt in outline mode. However thank you for this amazing plugin :blush:

is there any chance for implementing a hotkey to show this section of note review queue?: and default on today reviews.

Is it possible to ignore the header? I have extra blank cards for headers when turning on this option.

Just found this, thank you so much for your work @st3v3n

In terms of uses, do people create separate cards for their flash cards, or simply add the formatting to an existing note?

One way clutters up notes, the other clutters up the folder, so I’m wondering which is the lesser evil that I wish to dance with!


@st3v3n really liking this plugin, thanks for the hard work!

I’m wondering if you have any plans to implement customisable scheduling at the deck level, like Anki does?

This is something I use a lot in Anki, for example I find shorter and more initial reviews important for rote memorisation of vocabulary, whereas for a deck that includes higher level concepts in a field I already know well I set starting ease quite a bit higher, with fewer initial reviews.

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Really nice plugin, thank you!
A little question though.
Embedding an excalidraw image by way of ![[image]]:: "answer" , the image is presented well but the answer is cut short against the bottom of the window. I fixed that for myself with placeholder text but perhaps someone have a more elegant solution?

Thanks for the great plugin! I use it daily.
I just have one problem, sometimes it randomly creates a new meta data block instead of overwriting the old one when reviewing cards.
Is this a known issue?

Hello y’all :wave:t5:. I just released version 1.7.0, it’s been long overdue…
Many thanks to everyone who contributed!


  • Support for audio & video in flashcards (careilly)
  • Support note transclusion in flashcards (joelmeyerhamme)
  • Cramming flashcards (EthanHarv)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix YAMLParse bug in statistics
  • Fix first time random card selection
  • HTML comments from other plugins cause the creation of some cards to be left out (andrewcrook)
  • Correct notes(s) to note(s) in en.ts lang file (Trikzon)
  • Change Eases x-axis from DAYS to EASES (asdia0)

QoL Improvements:

  • Filter statistics by date range
  • Fix collapsed/expanded states when redrawing the sidebar (erichalldev)
  • Zoom on image on click (rgruenewald)
  • Changing interpolate to an optional arg of t (LouisStAmour)


  • To German/Deutsch (GollyTicker)
  • To Japanese/日本語 (yo-goto)
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I haven’t seen this. Are you able to reproduce this?

Hi, I’ll add this to the roadmap.

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Personally, I add the formatting in the existing note. Most people do this.

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Great news and Great jobs. Continuity of new releases gives the confidence to use the plugin in the long run.

Thank you sincerely for all the efforts.

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