Replacement for # when linking EndNote record numbers to note

Hi - I have a large biomedical reference Endnote (EN) database. The text record numbers look like this {Manfredini, 2008 #10746}. It was easy to copy the EN record number from EndNote into my Obsidian note. However, the # in the EN record number appears to create problems\conflicts for Obsidian linking. As a solution, I substituted ^ for the # in the EN record number that I pasted into a Obsidian note. When I copy the modified EN record number from the Obsidian note , into my MS Word, I restore the EN record number by doing a global search for ^ and replace with #. It works really well. However, now I learned that ^ is a character that Obsidian uses to indicate footnotes. If the ^ is always going to be used as a footnote marker, could you send me a list of keyboard characters that I could use other than ^ for my fix with EndNote? I am trying to find a way to use Obsidian notes to make better use of my Endnote reference data base. I am trying to avoid character conflicts with Obsidian. I have >10,000 EN reference so it could be a big problem for me down the road. Thank you, Kirk

I’ve wondered the same thing. I had been naming my notes like this: 'REF- {Smith, 2000 #100}, but also found the # caused all sorts of issues in linking etc.

Similarly to your approach, I’ve been experimenting with the use of the ‘@’ symbol, e.g. {Smith, 2000 @100}. Its probably too early to tell if there are any issues, but seems to work. Not sure if ‘@’ is earmarked for a specific function (yet).

This problem may be resolved. I am able to drag titles from Endnote directly to a page in Obsidian and they are posted as {Author, year, #no}. This does not appear to cause any conflicts nor is the Endnote reference number converted to a tag