Reorder Groups in Graph View

Use case or problem

When creating a colour scheme for graph view there are instances where one file matches multiple groups. In these cases the first group is applied as a colouring rule. However if you wish to have another group prioritized there are no easy way to change the prioritization.

Proposed solution

By implementing functionality to reorder the rules it would be easy to change the priority of the rules, simply by moving them up or down in the list.

Current workaround (optional)

As it is now you have to delete the groups and then recreate them in the order you wish to use.

Related feature requests (optional)

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Hi! This is already possible since v0.11.4. You can just drag the groups to rearrange them

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Oh, so it is possible. It wasn’t obvious from the UI alone for me. I normally take the colored circle as solely a color picker and click it before I have a chance to read the tooltip.

Fully acknowledging that the panel is a little cramped already, can by any chance “drag handles” be added there to make it more obvious? Like this (source):