Obsidian Release v0.11.4

Shiny new things

  • You can now start a timelapse graph animation using a command.
  • You can now reorder graph color groups by drag and drop on the color picker.
  • There is now a new command to toggle the spellchecker.


  • We’ve removed the hotkey Ctrl/Cmd+R which previously reloads the app. It is now a command that can be customized, and is not assigned to any hotkey by default.
  • Link auto-complete will now stay when no results are found, so that hotkeys like Tab and Enter will work consistently.
  • The language you choose will now be applied to the locale of moment.js, which affects the language generated from your date formats.
  • There is now a count for number of community plugins installed.
  • Clicking on a suggested item in search will automatically add double quotes " for paths that contain spaces.

No longer broken

  • / will no longer show up twice in the forbidden characters list.
  • Fixed Ctrl+Click on MacOS not working as right click in graph view.
  • Fixed middle click not working on graph view to open in new pane.
  • Changing ignored folders or changing file type filters should no longer cause sync to delete some files accidentally.