Rendering of [[X#Y]]

Things I have tried

I’ve searched the forums, online doc, reddit, and google, and can’t find an answer to this.

What I’m trying to do

Currently, as far as I can tell, mentions of the form [[X#Y]] are rendered as X > Y.

I would like them to be rendered as just Y.

The only workaround I can think of is to use the form [[X#Y|Y]] which is too much friction for me.

Is there any option or plugin that can do what I’m looking for?

Are you trying to render math? Then see this discussion: Render math in links after pipe (or as an alias)

I understand this issue and agree. Maybe it would be helpful to elaborate a bit:
The scenario is that you want to link to a header in
So: [[Myfile#header]] which renders as Myfile>header. OP wants the link to not show the whole path, rendering instead simply as header.
My workaround is exactly as OP described: [[Myfile#header|header]] which has to be done manually, and I agree is friction.
An example of a use case scenario for me is a TOC for a course that I’ve built. It is the difference between the filename being repeated uselessly and adding clutter and having a very clean look with just the headers showing.

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If you try to link heading in the same file, I think you can type [[#header]] (without Myfile).

IMHO, I think there is an ambiguity if both [[X#Y]] and [[Z#Y]] are rendered as a single Y and another single Y automatically.

Just for clarification, I guess what you really expect is to turn [[X#Y]] into [[X#Y|Y]] automatically, right?

Yes, @GLight that sums it up. @jokysatria Good to know and thanks, but my TOC is not the same file.

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This feature request may be of interest: Automatically add '|' at the end of the page when you press 'tab' while linking a note


No, I’m not rendering math. The “X > Y” rendering format makes the preview less readable by third parties. if [[X#Y]] could be made to render as just Y then I can get the section heading text to flow better when being read.

I’m flexible. Either turn [[X#Y]] into [[X#Y|Y]] automatically, or just change how it previews.

Possibly add a setting to control this so different users can get whatever they need.

Here’s an actual case from my notes.
I have a page “About Richard Feynman” with a section “The Feynman Learning Technique”.

I want the reader to read:
The Observe-Reflect-Articulate loop bears some similarity to The Feynman Learning Technique.

The [[X#Y|Y]] workaround looks very clumsy in the editor, but not using the workaround poses a significant challenge for the reader, who may not be accustomed to reading the format produced.

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