Render query results

I have a table like this

Company name country name
Ainyx China Touring Pedal
Babblestorm United States Road-450
Blognation China LL Headset
Brainlounge Vietnam Road-350-W
Brightdog China LL Mountain Pedal
Browsebug Japan ML Mountain Front Wheel
Browsedrive United States LL Mountain Frame
Browsetype Malaysia ML Mountain Handlebars
Bubbletube China LL Road Handlebars
Buzzdog Philippines HL Mountain Frame
Buzzshare United Kingdom Cycling Cap
Camido Russia ML Mountain Frame-W

If the table have hundreds of rows,
I want to quickly filter out the records with country as China.
This is very simple in Excel, but there is no relevant plug-in in obsidian(and other )

I think of many methods, and finally use query syntax to achieve the following results
In obsidian, you can use query in context like this


/\|.* china.*\|/ file:"test" path:""


Can obsidian render the query results with markdown

PS: welcome to propose better methods to filter in the table

Someone used luckysheet to embed tables in logseq

Can this be achieved in Obsidian

Or use other open source forms such as dhtmlxgrid

I use obsidian as my reading notes, and I use highlight syntax to highlight the summary,

At the top of the file, I use Embedded Queries to focus on the highlighted content, like this,

/==(.+)==/ file:"notebook" path:"notebook"

This is a good result, but there is also an obvious problem. The search results are not rendered using the markdown syntax,

Can I render search results in markdown syntax by default?

Or use any other third-party plug-in to do this?


Apparently there’s a (possibly still beta) plugin that came enable this: